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MPC's 140 Series Vertical End Turn Blockers have been on the job for almost 40 years. Our experience and knowledge of blocking applications from sub-fractional through integral horsepower stators allows you to choose the exact blocker for your requirement from our wide selection of field-proven models.the motor makers' maker

All MPC blockers are designed with cast platen and column construction that provides maximum rigidity and assures accurate machine and tooling alignment for years to come.

Our uniquely designed tooling, coupled with the sequential actuation of tooling, massages the magnet wire into a homogenous shape by progressive wire displacement, therefore avoiding damage to the wire and wire insulation. For high-slot-fill stators with tight final forming dimensions, our models with individual cuff support finger protection are available. The individual cuff support finger maximizes the protection of the slot cell insulation by maintaining clearance between the iron and the windings, which also assures adequate clearance for the lacing needle.


Standard Features

  • Rugged 4-post construction with upper and lower cast iron tooling platens.
  • State-of-the-art PLC controls.
  • Single point manifold lubrication system.
  • Electrically controlled automatic stack height compensation (ASC).
  • Sequentially actuated tooling.
  • Tooling is hardened, ground and polished.
  • Cluster or individual style cuff support fingers.
  • Minimal floor space requirements.


Large photo of Series 140 machine

Series 140 Technical Specifications

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