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356 Winders

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The MPC Model 357 Index Table Shed Winder utilizes state-of-the-art machine and tooling technology which offers maximum versatility and optimum productivity.the motor makers' maker

Because of MPC's many years of experience in shed winders and its use of the field-proven, patented "Gearloc" method of shaft stabilization, the 357 provides the best productivity with proven reliability. An integrated two-station index table gives maximum operating efficiency by allowing loading and unloading during the winding cycle.

The Model 357 Winder features an Industrial Pentium computer control with an Industrial LCD touchscreen operator interface.

Our latest developments provide faster changeovers and improved machine up-time. Features include manual or automatic synchronous stack height set-up, MPC's "Tensitrol" wire tension control and precision AC servo actuated jump mechanism. The improved wire handling execution and accurate control of the winding flyer maintains optimum interpole crossovers inside the transfer tooling.

Standard Features

  • Industrial duty computer and touchscreen for high reliability, diagnostics with fault storage and setup via customer model number input.
  • Automatic or manual synchronous adjustment of winding mandrels and winding head for stack height changes.
  • Digital AC servo winding spindle drive.
  • Digital AC servo drive jump mechanism.
  • Internal stripper in winding mandrels.
  • Quick change winding mandrels.
  • Interpoles maintained inside transfer tool.
  • Improved, more direct, wire feed path in winding head.
  • "Tensitrol" wire tension control with live vernier adjustment.
  • Splined mandrel shaft (T-Bar) providing long life with take-up for wear.
  • Dynamically balanced high speed winding head spindle with lifetime sealed bearings.
  • Two-station index table with dual cam roller index mechanism.
  • Small floor space requirement.
  • Machine mounted on heavy duty casters for portability.
  • Full one-year warranty on spindle and bearings.
  • Adaptable to full automation.

Large photo of Model 357 machine

Model 357 Technical Specifications

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