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Photo of 615 Series Machine

The MPC Series 602, 605 & 615 Automatic Stator Welders offer state-of-the-art machine & tooling technology that provides improved quality, maximum versatility and increased productivity with less labor.the motor makers' maker

The above series of core-makers will automatically manufacture welded stator cores by manually or automatically pressure selecting the correct stack of laminations, rotate one-half stack, measure to predetermined dimension and simultaneously TIG weld multiple beads on O.D. of the core. The Model 615 will automatically insert cuffed slot liners into stator slots, then return the finished core back to the operator or onto a conveyor for transporting to next operation.

In addition to the above automated models, MPC offers a complete line of less automated customized welders to meet your specific needs.

Standard Features

  • Rugged, heavy duty construction for long service life
  • Programmable controller for easy set-up and maintenance
  • Machine diagnostics with alpha numeric display
  • Automatic slot insulation (Model 615)


  • Plasma or laser welding
  • Automatic digital stack measuring with read out
  • Slot truth splines on lamination storage arbors
  • Add-a-lam storage arbor and transfer head
  • Automatic stack height set-up
  • Quick changeover package including tooling identification and storage
  • Core storage system including automatic escapements
  • Non-standard controls & voltage
  • Non-standard paint color
  • Spare parts package
  • Incremental 180º stack rotation
  • Independent tungsten electrode grinder

Large photo of 615 Series machine

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